How A Family Is Changed Because Of The New Normal

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The pandemic has been a challenging time for humankind. Many families have been affected, and people are struggling, looking for alternative ways to bring food to the table since many office-based jobs have been stopped. Thankfully, technology has advanced, and the emergence of the internet has been a great advantage, especially during these times.

Through the help of the internet, people, especially breadwinners, can consider looking for online jobs if they are among those who have been laid off from their regular or contractual jobs. It is also through the internet that families can communicate with one another, especially if a certain family member has been working away from home and cannot easily go home because of the virus. Friends and relatives may now also be having a hard time seeing each other personally and visiting each other’s houses, so they rely on the internet and mobile phones to keep in touch and stay updated with each other.

Due to this pandemic, people are now required to study or work from home. This means that the internet has become a great necessity during these times, and it has impacted each of our daily lives. According to experts, this coronavirus pandemic has pushed rich and emerging countries to prepare for future challenges and changes. Since most workplaces are closed, and the government is encouraging everyone to stay at home, the use of the internet now plays a big role in our lives, providing both opportunities and offering real-life challenges to every human out there.


But no matter how helpful and advantageous we think the internet is, it also brings some challenges and negative impacts, especially in our youth and children today. One disadvantage is that our screen time has been increased, and people tend to use their mobile phones and computers beyond their limit. Children have been exposed to the internet and computer at an early age because they aren’t allowed to go anywhere but stay at home.

Elementary and high school students are supposed to be in school nowadays, spending their weekdays at the four walls of their classroom together with the teacher and classmates while their parents or guardians are also out for work. But due to this pandemic, children are now bound to stay at home for health and safety reasons. And one downside of this is that they tend to use their cellphones and computers most of the time to get away with boredom. And we all know that increased screen time causes some physical or behavioral problems for the child.


Being exposed to cell phones and the internet makes the child lose focus on other meaningful activities. And as a result, parents tend to scold their children whenever this happens. And it usually becomes a dilemma because children may think that their parents come home to scold them. This is much harder for working parents because they really can’t do much in disciplining their child at home because of their work and that they are used to having their kids in school during workdays. Lucky for those families who have either the father or mother to stay at home because they can be able to monitor their kids and have other activities aside from using a cellphone.

With regard to education, online learning is the way to go during this pandemic. And the internet has to play a major role in making learning success during this trying time. The education system worldwide is surely disrupted due to this pandemic. Schools around the world haven’t faced this kind of challenge for a longer period, but educators will find ways to continue education even when faced with these kinds of challenges.


Since children’s health and safety is the top priority, online learning is encouraged. This is a challenging time for the academic world, including the schools, educators, parents, and the learners themselves. We haven’t had this kind of learning before, but through the hard work of the people involved, this may become possible. It’s just sad that there are still places that don’t have a fixed internet connection yet, so it will be a challenge for those people who may be responsible for improving this certain aspect in our society. Teachers and parents may need to go the “extra mile” to be able to help children during this pandemic and will still be able to learn despite the challenges brought about by this pandemic.

In the end, I hope that internet usage will be balanced and regulated within the household. We may depend on the internet so much for our work and school, but personal interaction is still the best way to bond and improve family relationships. It may not be easy, but we can turn negative thoughts in this pandemic to joyful, positive ones by spending more time with our family and talking to them instead of talking to the screens.

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