Is Bioinformatics The Answer To End Genetic Diseases?

As experts in the fieldwork on unlocking the secrets of our human genome, they found out that almost all diseases have a genetic component.  Continuing their research, studying large numbers of biomolecular data advances their understanding of these genetic diseases hoping to find not just the cure, but an end to genetic disorders.


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Relevance Of Bioinformatics In Our Daily Lives

Bioinformatics is a very complicated and challenging word for an ordinary person to understand, much more complex in its study.  And what most of us are not quite aware of is that bioinformatics has been very useful in our everyday living.  Our lives and our future depended so much on the study of bioinformatics.


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Role Of Computer Modeling And Simulation In Modern Medicine (Finding Methods To Prevent And Cure Diseases)

Cell membranes of bacteria continue to evolve and multiply.  With this evolution, functions of the surface membranes change also.  They tend to have higher survival value, developing a protective and functional wall.   This allows the cell to determine how it will respond to the environment.  This then led to these bacteria to stop responding to prescribed antibiotics as the treatment for the disease.  Scientists are trying to find new methods to counter this.


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What Is HOMA And How Has It Been Beneficial In The Treatment Of Diabetes?

Life on earth approximately existed 3.6 billion years up to the present. It’s biological processes continually evolve to sustain its habitat on earth. From plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, viruses, anything from which they have undergone homeostasis, even for a moment, is considered by scientists as life.  Life strived, evolved, lived, rose and fell? But how and why?


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CRISPR, The Gene Editing Tool (Where Would It Lead Us?)

Our world is now facing the challenges of rare diseases that are caused by faulty genes. Allen J Frances, MD, wrote, “Different genotypes (patterns of genes) produce different phenotypes. A few medical illnesses are phenotypes that are the downstream result of an aberrant allele of a single gene that produces a malfunctioning protein. For example, Huntington’s disease is caused by an abnormal protein called huntingtin produced by a single defective gene. If you have the gene, you will get the illness.”

Even major psychiatric disorders have a genetic component. “Anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD, and major depressive disorder are about 20-45% inherited, alcohol dependence and anorexia nervosa are 50-60% inherited, whereas bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, and ADHD are upwards of 75% inherited,” wrote Emily Deans, MD.

Studying genetics is not just for physical diseases and disabilities. Rebecca A. Housel, PhD, said that “genetics are increasingly important in the study of mental health.”

Revolutionary technology has been very busy in finding the cure to these genetic disorders and scientists are leaving no stone unturned.


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