Significance Of Finding A Vaccine Against Coronavirus

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I can remember the first time I heard of the word “coronavirus” as if it only happened yesterday. I was grocery shopping back then, and I could not help but overhear a group of mothers expressing their worries about it.

One said, “The first case of coronavirus transmission was already recorded in our city. I don’t feel like letting my child come to school tomorrow.” The other mom agreed and uttered, “You’re right; the virus is too scary and deadly to take for granted.”

To no one’s surprise, the governor announced the new stay-at-home order that’s ruling over the entire state later that day. Every minor or senior individual cannot be seen anywhere out of the house; only adults can leave but only to get food or medical supplies.


If I am honest, the quarantine did not make sense to me at first. I did not see its necessity; I assumed that it was merely flu season. But when my best friend’s sister called me and said that she’s fighting for her life due to COVID-19 and there’s no cure for it, things got serious fast.

Upon doing my research on the matter, I saw that the only way to end the pandemic is by finding a vaccine against coronavirus. How significant is it to achieve such a feat, you may ask?


It Will Stop Virus Transmission

Let me give you a crash course on how a vaccine works.

  • Scientists create a vaccine by using tiny pieces of the coronavirus as one of its primary ingredients.
  • Before mass producing vaccines, they need to find a way to make the virus inactive. This way, it will not spread in the person’s body.
  • Over time, the body gets used to the virus and becomes immune to it.

When everyone receives a vaccine, no one needs to worry about virus transmission anymore. Every individual on the planet will technically have immunization against coronavirus, so it cannot be as deadly as we all know it.  


People Will No Longer Die Due To COVID-19

It is unfortunate how there is still no drug that can be used to vaccinate people. Hundreds of thousands of lives have already been wasted across the globe because of COVID-19. If not for the governments’ bright idea of putting the countries under lockdown for at least a couple of months, the numbers may have undoubtedly blown exponentially.

Once a vaccine becomes available, there may only be a handful of individuals who may come down with COVID-19. After all, getting vaccinated is no guarantee that you will never have the disease—it is meant to reduce your chances of dealing with it. Some experts may even say that a vaccine may make the viral infection less severe, thus giving everyone a fighting chance against COVID-19.


Everyone Can Live As Normally As Possible

The ultimate goal of finding a vaccine is to allow all of us to regain our regular lives. Doing so seems impossible, even when the number of cases appears to be going down. Although the countries may reopen, the likelihood of catching the coronavirus remains high without the antivirus in the market.

Now, in an ideal world where a vaccine exists, schools and businesses can be fully operational again. No one will fear to eat at restaurants, going to malls and parks, or chatting with neighbors on the streets. Life may be different for all because of what we have experienced during the pandemic, but we will no longer be stuck in the four corners of our homes.

Final Thoughts

It is both incredible and terrible to think that the fate of humanity depends on a single vaccine yet to be invented. As long as no one discovers the best formula to create it, we may need to stay isolated for an unforeseeable amount of time.

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