The Online World And Mental Health

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The online world is a source for everything and anything. Clothes, furniture, education, food, your name, and most probably the internet can give it to you in one click of a button. With all these amazing things you find on the internet, it can be hard to compete with the trends and the many people doing e-commerce. So, if you are starting a business online, or maybe you want to work online, then you have to think ahead, and you have to be as creative as possible. This way, you can get ahead and catch as much attention as you need.

However, starting a business online may not be as easy as you may think. There can be times when you are at the top of the market, and the business is booming, you feel like you are on top of the world and that success is at the palm of your hand, but then there are days when there are just not enough sales to keep the business going. These are times when business is rough, and the days are long. You might feel stressed or anxious because of how things are going.

Well, today, I am here to tell you the things that online business owners do not normally tell you. The first thing is that it will not always be a good day or a good customer. There will come a time when you would eventually meet that customer who is so rude and yet they do not end up buying anything or if they do, it is always the bare minimum, or maybe you get scammed by someone you had always trusted. This can be a time of deep pain, or it may cause you anxiety that may lead to a panic attack.


The best thing to remember during these times is that you have to allow yourself to feel the emotions you are having. Bottling up your emotions will affect your mental health. It may not be felt as early as two or three minutes, but bottled up emotions will eventually catch up, and you would end up feeling depressed more than you used to.

A friend of mine who is a single mother sells clothes online. I make it a point to buy at least one item from her every time she launches a new collection because I have seen her struggle to provide for her son. One day, she sent me a message saying that she was really struggling that day by keeping her mental health checked.


The collection she had launch was failing, and that she could no longer provide for her son’s needs. At that time she decided to end it all, and as cliché, as this may sound, that was the exact moment that my order had come in. My friend starts to sob, and at that moment, she realized that as long as there was someone out there who would buy from her, she would continue to sell her clothes online.

I am in no way saying that you should be waiting for a miracle to come along and save you, but when you are doing online business, you must keep a positive mind. This way, you are keeping yourself and your business in a good light because whatever it is that you think about in your mind, it starts to manifest in real life. So, you have to be careful about the things that you think about it.


If ever you do find yourself in a position where you start to feel like there might be no way out or that business will never be the same, you have to start realizing that this might be the perfect time to reach out and ask for help. What we may fail to realize sometimes is that people cannot help you when you do not ask for help. We have to stop expecting people to see our pain without us opening up and asking for help.

In this world of pure online interactions, it is important that we still live in reality. There might be times when we need to take a break from running the online business and live the life that we used to live before all the stress. It is always good to take a step back, breathe, and relax because, at the end of the day, you will mostly rely on yourself and your will to live.

Without this, running a business or doing anything will be more of a burden than a passion, and when that happens, we tend to lose more and more than we originally anticipated. So, it is okay if the business is not as booming as it used to. Remember that it happens to anyone, and the future of your business relies on how you respond to moments like these.

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