Things You Need To Know About Biohacking

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The 2019 Biohacking Conference was a day of learning and experiencing a personal transformation for the organizers, influencers, and other attendees of the three-day event. The exhibits, interactive workshops, and question and answer portions from the audience to the speakers were mostly what made the atmosphere very interesting and quite educational. Individuals who experienced first-hand how they became ‘upgraded humans’ were there to inspire and share their success stories, most of which were incredibly amazing.

Biohacking is not something that everyone knows about and actually recognizes. It is new in the field of science and society. So this article will be dedicated to discussing what it really is, among other things.

Biohacking Defined

Fundamentally, biohacking is the practice of modifying one’s physiology and chemistry through scientific techniques and self-experimentations in order to improve and energize one’s body. It is quite general, but it is because the concept is always changing. It encompasses making dietary and lifestyle changes that help your body function better, as well as using wearable technologies to assist you in monitoring your physiological data. It can even include utilizing implants and genetic engineering.

There are countless possibilities, but the bottom line is that one can change his body and brain to become smarter, faster, and better human beings.

Biohacking Your Diet Through IF

Eating more superfoods and doing intermittent fasting can make a big difference in optimizing our health. A lot of experts have turned to IF to help their clients achieve optimal health. It has not only proven to help lose fat but gain energy and muscle as well. Intermittent fasting is not like the usually prolonged fasting that is not practical for most people. It provides little in-betweens, an eating habit that you follow every day that will help you reap many benefits of a true fasting lifestyle.

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This has something to do with a fed state and fasted state of your body and how these two pushes your body to provide a balance in digesting and absorbing nutrients and boosting your metabolic rate. Biohacking through fasting also lowers blood sugar, enhances brain function, and prevents cancers, among others.

Biohacking Your Bones

When you reach the mid-30s, there is a 2% loss in bone density of women every year, which progresses for the next years following menopause. This makes them more at risk of suffering from osteoporosis. And although men’s bone density loss is relatively slower, they do lose bone mass up until they reach 65. This problem led to the invention of OsteoStrong, a non-pharmaceutical means of enhancing bone density, balance, and strength and is one of the few biohacking techniques.

OsteoStrong uses a spectrum system that is part of a new classification of devices known as the Robotic Musculoskeletal Development system or RDMS, and each of these devices enables you to attain forces in excess of 5 to 12 times your body weight. The system does aim to increase bone density and muscle strength in ways that cannot be achieved by working out in the gym, but the results will seem like you have been to the gym. Clients who have tried this claim that they have seen an estimated 12% increase in bone density yearly.

Ways To Biohack At Home

Drink Caffeine. Caffeine is a popular productivity booster, and if you haven’t been used to drinking coffee, then you can start with a cup of black coffee, dark chocolate, or green tea. Have one of these at the same time daily, and journal how it’s been making you feel after taking it. Do you feel more energized? More anxious? Do you feel restless?

You can also try drinking coffee with a biohacker twist called bulletproof coffee. This contains medium-chain triglycerides that are known to boost energy and help you lose weight.

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Try The Elimination Diet. This is simply what the words really mean. You decide what to get rid of from your daily meals for, say, a few weeks, and then gradually introduce them again to check if these foods affect your body negatively or positively. This is best if you are an allergic-type of person, or if you suspect that some types of food may cause you to itch, or some parts of your body to swell.

The best way to do this is to first eliminate one or two kinds of food from your diet fully. Continue for two weeks and then slowly reintroduce what you have eliminated back into your diet. Once you’ve done this, watch out for rashes, pain, body malaise, diarrhea, or stomach pains, which may mean that those foods trigger your allergies.

Exposure To Blue Light. Blue light can be acquired from the sun, and it improves cognitive function. You can reap its best benefits by exposing yourself for a few hours to the sun every day. Start with three to six hours, or whatever is comfortable for you. Then observe the changes.

Remember, though, that sunlight consists of the same blue light that we also get from our phones and computers, which keep you awake by interrupting your sleep-wake cycle. Also, keep in mind that you must wear sunscreen lotions when you’re out in the sun to protect yourself from sun damage.



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