BioInformatics Services (BIS) is a biotechnology consulting firm specializing in applying the power of computational biology to build solutions to complex biological and data analysis problems faced by scientists in public and private research institutes, biotechnology companies, and universities. BIS is operated by Robert D. Phair, Ph.D.

Modeling and Computational Biology Services – Integrative Bioinformatics

We find that some potential clients want to maintain a detailed understanding of all the computational steps taken in data analysis and model formulation and testing. These clients are interested in and have time for, their own hands-on involvement in computational biology. Our service to such clients includes the education and training necessary to establish integrative bioinformatics and advanced modeling techniques among their laboratory’s core competencies.

We have years of award-winning experience in teaching these skills, enabling us to render a service that goes well beyond the solutions we provide to current problems. For larger research groups, we also offer 2-day private workshops on Kinetic Modeling of Biological Systems. Here is a sample workshop program.

Other clients prefer to stay focused on experimental work or on whatever else is their core skill. They see the power of computational tools, but cannot spare the time required to become expert in the methods of modern computational biology. Neither can they afford to hire a full-time staff person with expertise in this area. Such clients often choose complete outsourcing of their modeling and integrative bioinformatics work, relying on detailed project reports or BIS-written technical sections of their papers submitted for publication for documentation of the approach we take and the solutions we reach.

BIS supports the entire spectrum from hands-on partnering to outsourcing entire projects. If you are unsure how much you can or should do yourselves, contact us at BioInformatics Services.

Our selling points are:

We can add significant, measurable value to your research enterprise. Send us an e-mail. If your need is not immediate, and you are eligible for an NIGMS supplement to your existing NIH investigator-initiated research grant, you may want to consider the recent NIGMS Program Announcement as a mechanism to fund a collaboration with BioInformatics Services. If this interests you, please read how BIS can help you take advantage of the new NIGMS initiative.

What does BioInformatics Services do that would benefit me? A series of specific scenarios describing problems we can help solve.

Free Resources for Modeling and Computational Biology
  • Bob Phair’s CyberTextbook: Integrative Bioinformatics: Practical Kinetic Modeling of Biological Systems (the version of this book on the IBI website is the one being actively maintained)

  • Computational Biology FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) A small but growing collection of answers to questions often asked of kineticists, modelers, and other computational biologists. I’ve written many questions, but only a few answers are complete. If you would like to see other questions added, or if you would like me to push one of the unanswered questions toward the top of my to-do list, or if you want to comment on my answers, send me a message.
  • Other Useful Sites on the World Wide Web Come browse!
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